Parallel Parking


Position your car so that the passenger door mirror is just pass the bumper of the car you want to park behind and about two feet away apply the hand brake.


Set the car up for the road conditions ( gas and bite or brake and clutch )


1. At this point you must make good all round observation.

2. Start by looking over your right shoulder checking for cars approaching you from the rear and right down the pavement for pedestrians/children and then checking in front of you for cars approaching then down the left pavement again checking for pedestrians/children.


1. If it's clear release the hand brake and move straight back to the point of turn. The point of turn is when your back wheels are in line with the back of the parked car ( see picture ).

2.  Now observation again all around, and if its clear turn the steering wheel one turn to the left .

3. When the car is at an angle of 45 degrees straighten the wheel  ( 1 whole turn right ) .

4. When the back left wheel gets close to the kerb ( use reference point given ) turn the wheel 1 whole turn right.

 5. When the car is parallel with the kerb straighten the wheel ( 1 whole turn left ).

If there are cars approaching from the rear or the front stop the car, assess to see what they are going to do. Do not wave them on and do not flash headlights.

The order of steering is left,right,right,left whole turns every time

Below is a video showing you how to parallel park. If you have not done the parallel park lesson with me yet the video will not be of any use to you but if you have then you will fully understand the video.