Turn in the road


Safe, convenient, and legal place.

Have a look at the road is it up, down or flat?

Camber is the road even?


Set the car up for road conditions. (Gas and bite or clutch and brake).


Start by looking over your left shoulder, look along the pavement to see if there are any pedestrians and then check the road in front of you, all down the pavement on the right around to the blind spot.

Always start your observations from the opposite side to the direction you are going to steer.


1. Release the handbrake and steer the car to the right to full lock, quick hands, control the speed, before stopping steer left quickly, watch for the kerb under the right mirror, stop and secure the car.

2.  Prepare the car and all around observations, right to left, look over the left shoulder to the back of the car and steer to the left (quick hands) when the car is just over half way across the road look over your right shoulder to watch for the kerb and steer to the right. Stop before the kerb and secure the car.

3. Prepare the car and all around observations, start from the left and check all around to the right if it is clear proceed, now start to straighten up in to normal driving position check your mirrors if it's clear drive on.

Approaching traffic.

If there are cars coming from either direction, make sure that you stop and wait until you are certain what they are going to do. Do not wave them on and if in any doubt stay where you are.