Below are a few videos showing you how to go straight ahead at Hicks Gate Roundabout

Going straight ahead towards Bath

1. Speed limit is 40.

2. On approach you want the right hand lane.

3. When the right lane splits into 3 lanes take the left lane of the 3 lanes.

4. Follow the line to the right of you to the 2nd exit.

5. Signal left to show that you are leaving the roundabout.

6. Speed changes to national speed limit 70 because you are on a dual carriage way

Going straight ahead towards Brislington ( Test Centre )

1. Speed changes from 70 to 50 then to 40.

2. You want the left lane.

3. You will see that the left lane becomes a bus lane check your right mirror and move to the lane to the right of the bus lane no need to signal.

4. Follow the line on your right to the 2nd exit no need to signal left to leave the roundabout because of the lane to the left of you.

5. When 2 lanes merge into 1 check your right mirror for overtaking traffic.

6. Speed limit is 40.