The Left reverse


First select a safe, convenient and legal place to carry out the manoeuvre.

We do a normal move off and remain slow, as you pass the turning you are going to reverse in to look in to the junction to assess the corner and to check its shape, slope and for any obstructions. Then pull up about 2 car lengths pass the turning and stop next to the kerb.

Set the car up.


Start from the opposite direction to which you are going to be looking for the manoeuvre, so look over your right shoulder checking the blind spot and all the way around to the front checking for cars, pedestrians, children, continue all of the way around to the left corner of the car checking the pavement. If it's clear start to move slowly and keep looking over your left shoulder until you reach the point of turn.

The point of turn is just as your back wheels reach the start of the corner.

Stop and check your blind spot ( right shoulder ) if its safe continue

Getting around the corner  

Turn one whole turn left

When back wheel gets close to the kerb turn one whole turn right

When back wheel starts to move away from the kerb turn one whole turn left

When car is straight in the road straighten the wheel and reverse back 2 white lines or a car and a half's length 

Approaching traffic:

If there are cars approaching you from ahead or behind, on the road you are on, as your  turning in to the junction then you must stop and wait. Before you start again make sure that you do your all around observations to check that it is safe.

If a vehicle approaches from the road you are reversing into and pulls up behind you then you must stop and go back to the start position.

Important to remember

Do not stare in the mirrors because you must be aware of what is behind you in front of you and in the road that you are reversing into. Every half a car length make sure you check all these places.