Parking in a bay on your left.

To park in a bay on your left.

1. Pull up about a metre from the bays on the left.

2. Position your left shoulder about 2 bays distance from the bay you want to go into ( passengers side electric window switch in line with the white line of the bay to the left of you ).

3. Look all around you from right to left.

4. If its safe steer to full left lock.

5. If you find the car is going to end up too close to the white line on your left bring the silver bit of the wheel down to the bottom ( to the right ) if your still going too close turn the wheel a quarter of a turn to the right. 

6. When the car is straight in the bay straighten the wheel. ( turn wheel right ).

Important to remember 

You must look backwards and be aware of whats behind you.